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Divorce Financial Analysis

Financial stress has been attributed to the cause of upwards of 80% of divorce cases. This can make settling monetary issues during a divorce seem an insurmountable task.

We, at Zonin Wealth Management, are committed to not only helping you weather this storm, but to help find calm waters for both parties' ships to anchor.

Kami L. Zonin, a CERTIFIED DIVORCE FINANCIAL ANALYST™, is a member of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group and is trained and experienced in researching and analyzing personal, business and tax issues in divorce.

She assists the client and the legal and mediation professionals achieve a fair and workable agreement.

Services include, but are not limited to, preparing:

  • An analysis of marital lifestyle 
  • A current and projected post-marital budget
  • A detailed analysis of assets & liabilities
  • Long-range projections for future cash flow and budget needs
  • An analysis of capital requirements and investment returns
  • An analysis of the needs of the supported spouse and the paying abilities of the higher earning spouse